Mark and I just finished the soffit at our Central at Steele Park project and am pretty pleased with the result. Its a series of recycled pallet planks of random width and thickness (and "finish") finger-jointed together to form the interior soffit. It seemed like a relatively simple thing, but each piece is, uh, custom, so it really was a labor of love to get a relatively crisp product out of extremely rusticated material. We individually matched each pair and cut them to length. We cut all the horizontal pieces the same size and thought we would come back at the end and cut a straight edge after they were all installed, but we ended up with a sweet crenellated edge by accident and decided to keep it. Bonus!
3/8/2013 04:51:31 am

Awesome job! Is this a personal or work related project? It looks fantastic.

3/13/2013 03:19:36 pm

Thanks man! The project as a whole is one our company helped design and is in charge of building. The wood soffit was a project that I and the superintendant for that job took on as a side project. Sometimes when a bit of work is too weird or complicated for a sub to perform we have to self perform it. I'll be posting another little side project soon


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