Board for 434 Midterm. The requirements turned out to be a lot less than I expected. I was all geared up to do some exploded axons... I still might just to do the building right. It's amazing the little corners and reveals you find when modeling a building off of tiny drawings and pictures. You think you have the organization figured out, then go to add a piece that suddenly deviates from everything and you realize your assumptions about the organization is all wrong. But, it's pretty close!

12/15/2018 12:04:45 am

This is Furkan. I am an architecture student at İstanbul Technical University. I am working on a library project. I found your job when searching about phoenix public library. If it is possible can you share this revit model ?

elnaz abbasian
10/28/2022 08:58:15 am

Dear , can I have your Revit model ?


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