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A really handsome project in the works by OMA in Moscow redeveloping an old Soviet building into a modern art space. It looks very sedate and clean. I think Rem's comments on the benefit of re-using an existing building are pretty eloquent.

Rem Koolhaas: “We were able, with our client and her team, to explore the qualities of generosity, dimension, openness, and transparency of the Soviet wreckage and find new uses and interpretations for them; it also enabled us to avoid the exaggeration of standards and scale that is becoming an aspect of contemporary art spaces.”

Re-using and re-purposing buildings are an important part of the architecture of the future. We have so much built space already, and yet much of it remains unoccupied or abandoned. I think this project will show how well Adaptation Architecture can be executed. I will have another post soon about my friend's Masters Project on revitalizing the abandoned Old Chicago Post Office.

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