I went on a road trip recently in a car with no tape deck for adapters and no auxiliary port for iPods, but I wanted to listen to a few podcasts none the less. I turned my iPhone's speakers all the way up but they just couldn't cut it and the mids and highs were drowned out. What to do??? I looked around and saw the stack of papers or the map directions. Hmm... I rolled them up into a cone, put it at the bottom of the phone and pointed it up and... Voila! Louder and better quality! but of course my hand got tired holding the makeshift megaphone. But what if i designed a little silicon megaphone that could act as a case too? or even 3D print them super cheap. I COULD BE A MILLIONAIRE! Well, quick scan of the interwebs shows many people have beat me to it. I think I could make a better one than the hokey red one below, but I am in love with the ceramic phones. I want one badly. Until the next epiphany...

3/25/2012 11:30:58 pm

i've never seen such wonder on your face before this discovery


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