Dusted off the old handcrafted boards to hit some not-so-secret runs in Paradise Valley.
A nice, quick film that just makes you want to go ride. Beautiful course at the end. Redbull Rampage has it's epic charm, but wherever that is filmed looks amazing.
Quick edit from a trip down to Fossil Springs/Creek. My first time down to the creek, and Jax's first time camping! Quite a trip to cut your camping teeth on. But it's just a dress rehearsal for Havasupai in the fall. Definite
Super beautiful animation. I don't know why I was so caught off guard by the portrait aspect ratio, but I can't think of another video I have seen that has embraced it so successfully. 
One of a series of little web jewels it seems I can rely on getting from Nick on a daily basis, the creatures in this clip are mesmerizing. More here
I need to find out more about this camera. These prints are unreal.
Finally found the time to edit the week's worth of video I took before leaving Chicago. Go to Vimeo for HD. I miss the city and especially the people already. I should have made way more edits while I lived there, but this last week was a great one that really encapsulates a lot of my (non-winter) time there.



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Pinkbike has a pretty nice Fails For Your Friday lineup this week. Also check out the new Gopro3 footage just below it with the crazy Kamikaze mount off the guy's helmet.
Best part: singing keyboard skull