I didn't really start riding mountain bikes until after I got back from living in Peru, but watching this makes me realize how amazing it would have been to have a bike while staying in and around Cuzco and the Sacred Valley. 




Oscar Niemeyer died yesterday at the age of 104. From what I understand he worked almost to the last, as passionate about architecture as he was as a young man. I have had the opportunity to visit a few of his many buildings (sketches from those travels below), and they are all very different but all very accessible. He and those that worked with him had a dedication to the user of their architecture, and you truly do move, explore, and touch his buildings. I have tried to learn from the spirit he imbued those spaces with, and hope to catch some of his whimsy some day. Goodbye Oscar, you will be missed.
Finally edited and uploaded pictures from the Chile trip. You can check them out here at my Flickr page. It was a really amazing trip, so good to get back down to South America, meet new people, and learn new ways to approach architecture.
So excited for this to come out. The RC Heli shots look like they will be awesome. You can live stream is on the 19th and 24 hours afterwards here.

Grupo Cuatro! Here is what our international super-squad came up with in 5 days. Not too shabby, I like how bold the proposal is and that it at least gets a reaction. It was a lot of fun learning from the different group members and sharing with them as well. Hopefully we'll get a change to go back. download PDF for full presentation.

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Up until last week Kintaro Sushi in Kapaa was my all time favorite spot for Sashimi, Nagiri, and all things fishy. Then came Chile, and now we have a new champion. Add in ceviche with a Japanese twist and it can't be beat. Maybe I will have to go back to Kintaro for a rematch....

4 days down here in Chile and it has been a blast so far. Always good to come back down to South America, and so far, always in a different place. We have taken a number of trips with the Workshop and Friday's was to Valparaiso and Viña del Mar where our site is. It's a beautiful place and I would love to come back in Summer. The Workshop starts in earnest tomorrow and then its sprint until Friday. And all in Spanish, I might add. This is going to be exhausting!
Finally, it's out in the open: Adam had his 30th birthday! Actually, this was a well known fact, but what was a secret was the party up in Tahoe with all of us organized by his wife Eva. She put together a video with a ton of people wishing him happy birthday, and this was my contribution. It was a blast, and so awesome to hang out with old friends and meet a bunch of new ones. Thank you to everyone for such a great time, and lets do it again for 31!