3D printed camera! Hopefully Noah will take his makerbots for a spin and we can make a couple. Plans here.
My homeboy Steve sent my thesis model to the architectural afterlife along the shores of Lake Michigan after it was too big to make the treck across country with me or him. Definitely the best way to honor hours and hours of time...
I will take one, please.
Looks like BMW likes that winery too
2 weeks, 110sf, 18,000 nickels. It turned out pretty nice, definitely a lot of character in how they reflect the light and the different types of nickels. process below. 
Very Martha Stewart, got this at Cucumberz and gave it the old once over with a new paint job. The lines are pretty funky and the hardware is sweet, and of course everything gets spruced up with a little chartreuse. 
One of a series of little web jewels it seems I can rely on getting from Nick on a daily basis, the creatures in this clip are mesmerizing. More here




You never know what you will find over at Dusty's place. 
Well, it finally happened, our little D-Rock and Grec got hitched. It was an amazingly beautiful ceremony and reception in Paradise Valley. From start to finish (including the invitations) this wedding has been given all the skillful design touches and inventive tweaks by both of them, and I have never seen such a "High Design" yet casual and very Arizona (go natives!) pulled off so well. The ceremony was in a desert wash, held under an altar that Dusty and Nick put together and set to the tune of steel drums, and concluded at PVCC with an epic sunset view. Congratulations you guys and much love!