Super excited to see this project coming from Santiago Calatrava. This really appeals to my sense of design and construction: a dynamic and seemingly complex form achieved through smart, modular assembly. It's really just a bent frame repeated over and over with a slight tweak in orientation. With the repetition of parts, re-usable construction hardware, and light and recyclable materials it is both efficient and sustainable (as anything at this scale can be). The even have beautiful line drawings of the construction process! Very Nice.
In contrast to Calatrava's heavy and complex concrete projects executed in the past, the "formwork" used during construction is light, quickly assembled, re-usable and recyclable. 
I will take one, please.
Looks like BMW likes that winery too
Finally got around to documenting my first complete project with Stark James. Not our typical project, but I feel like we brought a lot of cool touches and subtle moves to this now awesome backyard.
I don't know how it tastes, or even how much it costs, but I would drink the wine from this winery just to be associated with it. Stunning.
2 weeks, 110sf, 18,000 nickels. It turned out pretty nice, definitely a lot of character in how they reflect the light and the different types of nickels. process below. 
The desert lost one of its champions and architecture lost a visionary today. Lets hope his lessons are not forgotten.
If this were a line drawing it would be a fantastic exploded axonometric. One down, one to go.
Very Martha Stewart, got this at Cucumberz and gave it the old once over with a new paint job. The lines are pretty funky and the hardware is sweet, and of course everything gets spruced up with a little chartreuse.