I always wondered if the louvers on my POD Hotel project would actually look decent, or even work. Danny Libeskind has a new project in Germany that is not too far off from the facade idea, and the louvers actually look pretty good. In fact, I even like the project, although it looks like the cool "green balconies" got axed. Still, POD hotel would look way cooler...

Ko-Bogen Dusseldorf:

POD Hotel:

at Weddle Gilmore office, sink is one of many stunning pieces by Gore Designs
3D printed camera! Hopefully Noah will take his makerbots for a spin and we can make a couple. Plans here.
Apparently this tower by Raphael Vinoly has a good chance of getting built in Manhattan. It's quite nice in an understated way, very different than the "typical" a-typical high rises vying for attention lately. It is hard to get a handle on its scale, owing to the enormous windows dominating its facade. 
They pay off on the inside, with a scale and proportion not typically seen in high-rise residential. 
And definitely a one-of-a-kind view