Say hello to Jules, the new addition to the bike stable. A Statebike with a bit of a twist, it has been quite interesting riding "long" distances fixie. So far so good, hasn't bucked me yet. Jax's Lolita isn't the fastest ride in town any more...
Finally found the time to edit the week's worth of video I took before leaving Chicago. Go to Vimeo for HD. I miss the city and especially the people already. I should have made way more edits while I lived there, but this last week was a great one that really encapsulates a lot of my (non-winter) time there.
Made it out to McDowell Mountain Park this weekend with D Rock and Nick. 180's John was there with a friend too, and they handed are asses to us on the Sport Loop and Long Loop. Going to have to step it up to hang on the trail with those guys. D got some pump track in at the end.
First time on trail 100 today, and really the first day of fall here in the valley. Apparently the 180 guys do this all the time, but it's a little different than the shuttling I'm use to (check the height on those seats!) Earning your turns on a damn fine day to ride.



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Pinkbike has a pretty nice Fails For Your Friday lineup this week. Also check out the new Gopro3 footage just below it with the crazy Kamikaze mount off the guy's helmet.
You can't help but smile when you go to Tour de Fat. It was my first time in the parade and actually the first time I have ridden Victoria in a while. But I once again conquered the Shoe Bike!

After moving down to Hyde park for the month I must admit my morning commute has become much more picturesque. Starting out at Promotory Point and ending on Michigan Avenue next to one of my favorite buildings (Carbide and Carbon) it definitely takes the edge off of going into work. Gettin cold though!

So excited for this to come out. The RC Heli shots look like they will be awesome. You can live stream is on the 19th and 24 hours afterwards here.