Dusted off the old handcrafted boards to hit some not-so-secret runs in Paradise Valley.
Finally got around to documenting my first complete project with Stark James. Not our typical project, but I feel like we brought a lot of cool touches and subtle moves to this now awesome backyard.
Quick edit from a trip down to Fossil Springs/Creek. My first time down to the creek, and Jax's first time camping! Quite a trip to cut your camping teeth on. But it's just a dress rehearsal for Havasupai in the fall. Definite
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Brutal, but a lot of fun. Up until about mile 50, then just the brutal. Casa Grande (metric) century ride with Nick to stretch the legs on the Sate Bicycles. Pretty sure we were the only single speeds out there and got a few sideways glances, but overall a good time. 
At certain times of the day monochrome block walls can become the most beautiful things in the Arizona sun.
Made it out to McDowell Mountain Park this weekend with D Rock and Nick. 180's John was there with a friend too, and they handed are asses to us on the Sport Loop and Long Loop. Going to have to step it up to hang on the trail with those guys. D got some pump track in at the end.