I always wondered if the louvers on my POD Hotel project would actually look decent, or even work. Danny Libeskind has a new project in Germany that is not too far off from the facade idea, and the louvers actually look pretty good. In fact, I even like the project, although it looks like the cool "green balconies" got axed. Still, POD hotel would look way cooler...

Ko-Bogen Dusseldorf:

POD Hotel:

at Weddle Gilmore office, sink is one of many stunning pieces by Gore Designs
My homeboy Steve sent my thesis model to the architectural afterlife along the shores of Lake Michigan after it was too big to make the treck across country with me or him. Definitely the best way to honor hours and hours of time...
Quite a beautiful composition of light/surface/space.
Apparently this tower by Raphael Vinoly has a good chance of getting built in Manhattan. It's quite nice in an understated way, very different than the "typical" a-typical high rises vying for attention lately. It is hard to get a handle on its scale, owing to the enormous windows dominating its facade. 
They pay off on the inside, with a scale and proportion not typically seen in high-rise residential. 
And definitely a one-of-a-kind view
Super excited to see this project coming from Santiago Calatrava. This really appeals to my sense of design and construction: a dynamic and seemingly complex form achieved through smart, modular assembly. It's really just a bent frame repeated over and over with a slight tweak in orientation. With the repetition of parts, re-usable construction hardware, and light and recyclable materials it is both efficient and sustainable (as anything at this scale can be). The even have beautiful line drawings of the construction process! Very Nice.
In contrast to Calatrava's heavy and complex concrete projects executed in the past, the "formwork" used during construction is light, quickly assembled, re-usable and recyclable.