At certain times of the day monochrome block walls can become the most beautiful things in the Arizona sun.
Oh where oh where has this moto blog been? I am addicted, and have new energy to start a build of my own.

Lesson learned: you cannot re-inflate a presta tube with your face. You can convince Dusty to try though.
Too late again!!!
Oscar Niemeyer died yesterday at the age of 104. From what I understand he worked almost to the last, as passionate about architecture as he was as a young man. I have had the opportunity to visit a few of his many buildings (sketches from those travels below), and they are all very different but all very accessible. He and those that worked with him had a dedication to the user of their architecture, and you truly do move, explore, and touch his buildings. I have tried to learn from the spirit he imbued those spaces with, and hope to catch some of his whimsy some day. Goodbye Oscar, you will be missed.
One of a series of little web jewels it seems I can rely on getting from Nick on a daily basis, the creatures in this clip are mesmerizing. More here
Say hello to Jules, the new addition to the bike stable. A Statebike with a bit of a twist, it has been quite interesting riding "long" distances fixie. So far so good, hasn't bucked me yet. Jax's Lolita isn't the fastest ride in town any more...