Art as Shelter by Tonic Design
Nick took me out for some canyoneering, previously known to me as repelling. Either way, it was fun to get back in the saddle again. Next stop: Coon's Bluff.
I think these trash/recycling bins around ASU are a pretty clever in their power and their subtlety. If we could figure out more ways to simply (and cheaply) get a meesage like this across sustainability could be less a movement and more a way of life. Almost everything is right about these: their message, their strong duality, their graphic execution. Kudos to the designer.    



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Pinkbike has a pretty nice Fails For Your Friday lineup this week. Also check out the new Gopro3 footage just below it with the crazy Kamikaze mount off the guy's helmet.
James Turrell's newest installation of his series of Sky Spaces has opened at ASU, and it is pretty amazing. At first I was a little put off by the colored LED show that it puts on, preferring instead the simple and secluded purity of his SMOCA Sky Space, but after a few outing I have really come to like this one. The changing colors cause your eyes to see the sky in the void and around the edge as an inverse of the LED color: Purple and Green, Blue and Yellow, even White and Black. It's pretty intense at times, almost unbelievably. You can kind of tell the difference in these pictures, but you really have to go and experience it for the full effect. Hats off to everyone involved.
Best part: singing keyboard skull
Well, it finally happened, our little D-Rock and Grec got hitched. It was an amazingly beautiful ceremony and reception in Paradise Valley. From start to finish (including the invitations) this wedding has been given all the skillful design touches and inventive tweaks by both of them, and I have never seen such a "High Design" yet casual and very Arizona (go natives!) pulled off so well. The ceremony was in a desert wash, held under an altar that Dusty and Nick put together and set to the tune of steel drums, and concluded at PVCC with an epic sunset view. Congratulations you guys and much love!
Clément Briend on Designboom