This is a great solution and an example of how to address ever-more complex technological systems. In this example the designers have centralized the complexity into small, serviceable and relatively cheap robot(s) that manipulate a "dumb" field of solar arrays. I have always thought solar arrays that track the sun's movement are pretty great, but I could never get past the idea of chasing around all those complex motors as they inevitably break down or malfunction. It's similar to my aversion of making really cool patterns of feature lights along a ceiling or wall, only to have one or two go out and make it look ridiculous and trashy. Servicing an array of highly complex artifacts (lights, solar arrays, facade shading elements) is expensive and unsustainable, so usually once and element goes down it remains down and defeats the whole purpose. But if you can make the multiple elements dumb and cheap and centralize the the "smart" parts into a small and relatively cheap module, that's a winning idea in my opinion. Check the video out at the Designboom page.