I didn't post when she came home, but this is Allie. She's a rescue that they found in the Allley, hence the name. Andrea adopted her in February and she's been lounging around ever since. I know I am playing in to the cliche "no, really, our dog is actually the cutest dog", but this girls sleeps in the weirdest ways, and thinks she is 5 pounds: if you sit down she is on top of you. We are working on making her sociable outside with other dogs, but for the moment she is a love inside.

Been away for a bit because its been a crazy few weeks at work. Things should be getting back to normal though and finally got a full Weekend O' Fun. I didn't really get to spend much of the last Summer in Chicago and June/July is definitely time to enjoy this city. But yesterday we really got a full day of what Chi-town has to offer. Started with an amazing pie at The Bourgeois Pig, saw Prometheus on Michigan Ave with a bunch of friends, walked down State Street to the Book Fir in Printers Row, met up with more friends and grabbed Cafecito sandwiches and went to Blues Fest in Grant Park, headed to a rooftop overlooking the park for some drinks, saw the naked pike parade down Michigan Ave, and ended up meeting a bunch of great people  at a balcony overlooking Wells in Old Town. Gotta love this town and its people.