Looks like BMW likes that winery too
It's crazy how much your riding can improve if you master the pump. These guys carry so much energy through the track, and that translates to flow on the trails. Dusty, to Rage?
Why stop at five? This animation is so good, and there are plenty more amazing buildings to choose from
Trying to get back into a bit of painting, definitely rusty but have to try and find the time to keep doing it. at tleast once a week hopefully.
Dusted off the old handcrafted boards to hit some not-so-secret runs in Paradise Valley.
Finally got around to documenting my first complete project with Stark James. Not our typical project, but I feel like we brought a lot of cool touches and subtle moves to this now awesome backyard.
I don't know how it tastes, or even how much it costs, but I would drink the wine from this winery just to be associated with it. Stunning.
A nice, quick film that just makes you want to go ride. Beautiful course at the end. Redbull Rampage has it's epic charm, but wherever that is filmed looks amazing.
2 weeks, 110sf, 18,000 nickels. It turned out pretty nice, definitely a lot of character in how they reflect the light and the different types of nickels. process below.