I like this video a lot. Solid riding on XC bikes, and it pokes a bit of fun at the preconceptions within the bike community.
This is what we are reduced to: a man, in a suit and tie, resorts to sleeping under his desk for 20 min before his final review because in the past 3 days he has gotten 6 hours of sleep. He is not lazy, he has not procrastinated, he simply does not have enough time. . This is not rare. This is common. But it is almost over!
Final presentation over, final pin-up looming. Need to finish the model and some images within the presentation. Click the Acrobat icon to download the presentation.
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I couldn't leave IIT without doing a huge section model, it just wouldn't be right. Frame done, just floor, walls and roof to go. Yes the bolts are modeled, but only where you will be able to see them and only because it describes the construction process. And I couldn't help myself.

I had the amazing opportunity to see Philip Glass in concert last night at the Art Institute (Thank you Logan and Vija!). It was is birthday, and it was a solo performance in the little auditorium. Very intimate and fantastic. I didn't know much about Glass until I heard a Radio Lab reference to him and stumbled upon the documentary about him on Netflix. Unfortunately its no longer available for streaming, but if you can find it its definitely a great watch and a very interesting window into his world. trailer below: