The winning entrant to an interesting competition is a well executed large-scale pre fab solution to micro dwellings in NYC. After working on a POD hotel project in NYC in school myself, I see a lot of clever solutions in this proposal. The subtle break-down of the facade in steps and color creates a shifting scalar impression of part-to-whole, but never the fatal "lego" look of modular prefab that can doom a potential project. The interiors look handsome as well, but I guess it is yet to be seen what the actual fit/finish/price of the units will be. Hopefully the project will remain affordable and legitimately leverage the opportunities of pre-fab. I'm not sure if this is the first pre-fab project of this scale that will be completed in Manhattan, but it looks to be one of the largest. And i imagine the only way it has gotten this far is with the backing of the Mayor. But if it works (economically and culturally) it may act as a catalyst for similar projects.  It is scheduled to be completed in late 2015, so I'm excited to see the finished product.




Brutal, but a lot of fun. Up until about mile 50, then just the brutal. Casa Grande (metric) century ride with Nick to stretch the legs on the Sate Bicycles. Pretty sure we were the only single speeds out there and got a few sideways glances, but overall a good time.