Can't remember who told me about this, but definitely click on the link and make some music. just kick on the little squares to compose.

I am a TA for the third year architecture studio at IIT this semester (similar to last semester) and I find myself constantly impressed by the students and instructors in that program. It's great to be around them as they bring a lot of energy and talent that you can feed off of and learn from. Their project this semester is concrete based, so this week as a studio they did a series of experimental pours to try and better understand the process and the material. Eventually we would like to catalog the results and make a handy pamphlet.

If you are interested you can also see what they are up to throughout the semester by following the studio's Flickr page:

Type A personalities: beware this table. Beautiful work.

1:1000 site model for Remote Home/Sugarheart Ranch project. Maybe the idea to accurately represent all the mesquite and pinon pine was a mistake. Only a few hundred more to go...
My project this semester is a prefabricated home, and i have been doing a lot of research on prefabrication and its benefits. I ran across this project on ArchDaily and was impressed. Its not the prettiest building, but the intention and innovation is there. Hope to see more of this thinking come stateside.



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First good snow of the semester. Snowpocalypse this year maybe?

Telluride day from Chris Cordell on Vimeo.

Time lapse of a beautiful day in Telluride valley.

Winter break was amazing, always good to get back to AZ. Good people, good food, good times. Got some mountain biking and boarding in, but now back in Chicago and not a mountain in sight. Thank you so much to everyone who helped and housed me along the way, love you guys. One more semester to go!
Here's an attempt at a blog! Hopefully will update with lots of wonderful things. Just want to see if this is working on different screens for the moment. START.